Sunday, May 15, 2011

Practicing on Classic Cars

Once a week, Pennings Farm Market in Warwick hosts a classic car show.  I've never spent time photographing cars, so I decided not only to try something new, but to use this as a mental exercise (also an excuse to grab a burger and a beer!).

Before I started, I first spent a few minutes just walking around some of these beautiful cars. I love the challenge of finding something interesting in a stationary hunk of shiny metal, seeing what makes a particular car special, which details stand out and how perspective changes these details.  I like to experiment by shooting low, from above, in close or farther back.  A combination of one or more of these elements can make the photo and changing one of these elements can create an entirely different picture. Training your mind to not only see a car, but its shape, colors, lines, reflections, etc.

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