Friday, August 5, 2011

A Girl and Her Sunflower

If the right picture comes along, I like the challenge of creating "artwork" from it. I spend as much time behind the computer as I do behind the camera (often too much!). This was the case recently on a routine trip to Stonehenge Farm Market in Bullville, NY.

My daughter made a beeline for the sunflowers, then proceeded to lose herself among the rows of colorful blossoms. By this point, impossible to get her attention, I looked for opportunities to catch her interacting with her new "companion". 

One picture jumped out at me as a candidate. 

After some adjustments with color, contrast, etc., I added a border and a texture layer. I really like the "fiery" shape of the sunflower and the fact that her pinky finger is extended just adds to that gentle feel. 

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